Seedlings that were sold at the

market this spring:
Artichoke, basil, chard, eggplant, ground cherry, kale, lavender, pepper (hot and sweet), and lots of tomatoes (Amish Paste, Banana Legs, Beefsteak, Black Plum, Black Prince, Black Sea Man, Carbon, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Purple, Cosmonaut Volkov, Green Zebra, Japanese Trifele, Kellogg's Breakfast, Nyagous, Opalka Paste, Orange Banana, Pantano Romanesco, Principe Borghese, Pruden's Purple, Red Brandywine, Rose de Berne, San Marzano, Siletz, Stupice, Weisnichts Ukrainian).

 All plants are grown from organic seed in homemade, organic potting mix, and watered with filtered water. No chemicals of any kind are ever used. No pesticides are ever used. No GMOs, ever.  YOU CAN


Sage Thymes Greenhouse & Gardens,

8550 W. Ohio Place, Lakewood 80226.

SALE ENDS JUNE 15, 2015.





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Preston Hartman - homebrewing

Preston Hartman began brewing five years ago with his wife, Christine, in Virginia.  After moving to Colorado, the birthplace of modern homebrewing, Preston honed his best recipes and won several medals in local home brewing competitions.  He enjoys talking about beer with anyone who will listen, and opening people’s eyes to the fact that beer made at home properly is better than most store-bought beer, and as good as any.  When he is not brewing, Preston practices law, kayaks whitewater, explores Colorado, and runs on the Cherry Creek Trail.         




Carl Wilson - Vegetable Gardening 101 and Berries.

Carl is retired as a horticulturist with Colorado State University Extension’s Denver office and is now a private horticulturalist. Although his educational work with the public leads him to teach about many types of plants in the landscape, his first love is growing and preserving vegetables. He’s worked with small growers and home gardeners in climates as varied as his native Pennsylvania, tropical Jamaica, desert Arizona and for the last 25 years, Denver. Carl’s university degree work in horticulture at both Penn State and the University of Arizona emphasized vegetable growing. You can sample his advice and add your comments by checking his Front Range Food Gardener blog written for vegetable and fruit growers on Colorado’s Front Range.

Kimberly Turnbow - fiber goats

Kimberly is doing her part to make the most out of Denver’s new law allowing chickens, ducks and goats!  Her backyard is a small farm – raised beds, compost bins, chickens, ducks, and a couple of Angora goats who produce lustrous mohair fleeces.    It’s a dream come true for her,  and much simpler to accomplish than many think.  She’s an expert knitter, adequate felter, and novice spinner.  If you’re interested in fiber goats, or adding to what you’re already doing in your own backyard, she’s a great resource.



Quentin Caldwell - Knife sharpening

Quentin is a veteran of the USMC, and he has been sharpening and making knives, hatchets, throwing darts and other blades for more than a decade.  He works a block away from Denver Urban Homesteading.






Barbara Masoner - Cold Frames

Barb is a member of Grow Local and a Denver Master Gardener. Her first garden was a 4H club garden in 5th grade. She has successfully raised greens from December through April for the past 7 years.


Jan Cofelt - Beekeeping

Jan learned beekeeping from a natural beekeeper and has been backyard beekeeping for five years.  She regularly attends seminars and conferences on treatment free bee care, belongs to two local beekeeping clubs, and devours all current research on the decline of the bee population.



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