Joanne makes delicious jams, including

raspberry jam, our favorite



2015 SPRING CLASSES NOW SCHEDULED.  SEE CLASSES PAGE.  Learn chickenkeeping, beekeeping, worms/vermiculture, permaculture,

restoring wood, goatkeeping, urban homesteading, Angora rabbits


Organic Feed
Wine Project
Bees & Honey



WAGYU, local, grass-fed ground beef $12/lb         WESTERN COLORADO HONEY six varieties from W'rn Slope $6/jar


Market hours and beekeeping store hours:                        Thursday  1-7     Friday 1-7

Saturday Farmers' Market and beekeeping store hours:  Saturday 9-3





We are now in our fourth year of litigation to get our Facebook page back; so far despite actions in two federal courts/tribunals we have not convinced anyone with authority to even consider the merits of our case to cancel the trademark "urban homesteading".  Read updates here:!/pages/Denver-Urban-Home-steading-Trademark-Issue/148774315190090


COOKIES by Kat and her lovely daughter.  Kat uses the finest ingredients, including local honey

and even maple syrup as sweeteners.



ALLAN AND DEBBIE BROWN's honey sold here that they gather from their beehives in Aurora and Hudson. 

This couple manages the beehives at the DeLaney Historic Farm in Aurora.



DENVER URBAN HOMESTEADING, Local Market (click for video)  is an urban agricultural center near Downtown Denver in a large commercial-industrial building at 200 Santa Fe Drive, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Santa Fe Drive.  Click here to watch interviews with our local farmers.

Foods we carry:



Wise Acres Farm is just north of Denver and they sell vegetables here in season.



Flying B Bar Ranch is just east of Denver in Strasburg.  Their beef is completely grass-fed and the ranch is certified as Animal Welfare Approved.

Harvest Acres is a small, family-run ranch east of Denver that has pork and goat meat.


Harvest Acres has raw goat and cow milk shares available.

Turkey Tracks Farm has raw cow milk shares available.

Morning Fresh Dairy milk

Mini-Moos Dairy has pasteurized goat milk and cheese.


Our eggs are laid by happy chickens in open environments

Wise Acres: pastured

Chicken Tracks Farm: Pastured, soy free

Mini Moos: Duck eggs


Styria Bakery has breads of all kinds.



Unlike most supermarket honey and some farmers market honey, we know our local bee farmers and it all comes from them without syrup additives.

We have honey from east of Denver, west of Denver, north of Denver and south of Denver.  We also have unique honeys from Georgia, New York State, Prince Edward Island in Canada, New Zealand and Brazil.



Pappardelliís Pasta, frozen ravioli and sauces.  Organic pumpkin seed oil from Wisconsin and pecan oil from Louisiana.

Capellaís gluten-free pasta


Wise Acres has dried soups.


Dead Dog Chocolates chocolate made at our market by the Chocolate Girls.

Cows Gone Coconut has non-dairy ice-cream made from coconut milk.

Sweet Action is a popular neighborhood ice-cream maker that uses milk from cows that arenít pumped with antibiotics.


MM Local canned fruits and vegetables.

Ela Family Farms organic fruits

The Real Dill locally-made dill pickles.

Rocky Mountain Orchards jams


Lily Pad makes soaps with raw cow and goat milk

Sage Thymes has organic heirloom vegetable starts, handmade soaps

Our goal is to promote agricultural activities in the Denver metropolitan area for a variety of reasons.  First, for sustainability, i.e. renewing and preserving our energy and resources.  Second, for growing and raising our own quality food and getting in touch with food sources.  Third, for energy conservation.  Fourth, for fun.  Growing vegetables is fun.  Raising food-producing animals is fun.  Fifth, because a chicken living in your backyard and playing with a child is probably living a happier life than a chicken living on a factory farm.

We are not a big company, we are not a supermarket and we are not part of the industrial-agricultural complex.  If you want local food, quality food, the ability to connect with farmers and neighbors and even get lower prices than supermarkets (yes, we are lower on many items), then c'mon in.

Denver Urban Homesteading is an earth market and part of the DIY (do it yourself) movement.  An earth market contains local producers using environmentally sound and sustainable growing/making methods, preserving the local food culture and helping improve biodiversity.  The producers offer food directly to consumers at reasonable prices.  The marketplace is a social meeting hub and a place where consumers can get education about food-producing practices, nutrition and sustainable agriculture from the producers and from classes offered by the market. 

Urban homesteading classes/Agriculture education

Classes on raising backyard chickens, dairy and fiber goats, vegetable gardening, canning.  


Local Farmers' Market - Now open!

This market is open every Saturday from 9-3 and it sells high-quality, local* foodstuffs.   Come and meet the farmers!  We want to strengthen the bond between farmers and consumers.  We want you to know where your food comes from and who grows or makes it.  Many of these local foods are organic.  We accept Mastercard, Visa and SNAP (food stamps).


Local Fibers/crafts/spinning and knitting

We plan to offer for sale local fibers: wool from sheep, alpaca, llama, goat and rabbit.  We seek donations of old spinning wheels or parts of spinning wheels that we can refurbish.

*Note that "local" varies depending on the product.  Most of our foods come from a 100 mile radius, but some come from greater distances because they are not produced nearby.).

James and Irina Bertini

303 825-0231 but we aren't open every day so we may not get back to you quickly.  Email is best to get ahold of James quickly.

Our Location (click for a map): 200 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 


Thu and Fri 1-7

Sat 9-3 (the day when all the farmers come)

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